Marijuana is one of the most widely used intoxicants in the world, and has recently had a surge in popularity to the degree that public opinion on it has shifted more to the positive side. Still, just as with alcohol, popular acceptance does not mean that it is any less of a drug, or that individuals can’t become dependent on it. Executives lead high-pressure daily lives, often work to exhaustion, and have difficulty finding ways to relax. Because of this, marijuana can often be an escape that escalates into a problem. Fortunately, Capo by the Sea has an executive marijuana treatment program that can help clients take control of their lives back.

Treatment at Capo begins with a medically assisted and supervised detox for our clients maximum safety and comfort. After that, we have an individualized program that takes our guests through one-on-one and group therapy sessions, dialectical behavior therapy, local AA meetings, and more. Aside from the different treatment modalities we offer, Capo is also a dual diagnosis program. What that means for clients is that we’re prepared to work with them, to dig deep and discover if there are any core, fundamental psychological issues fueling their dependence on substances. After they’re identified, they can be worked through and the healing process can begin.

Aside from our personal and discreet executive treatment, Capo by the Sea is also in beautiful San Juan Capistrano. When our residents aren’t in active therapy sessions, they are free to explore all of what Orange County has to offer: there’s Doheny State Beach nearby, a golf course, and even a boat to take whale-watching in Dana Point Harbor. Ours is a program that focuses on mind, body, and spirit, and that means time to relax so that new wisdom can sink in. Making the decision to get treatment is a big choice, and we’d love to help on the journey.