Ecstasy has become more and more popular recently, and has various different properties that make it a dangerous substance with abuse potential. It offers effects on the user similar to psychedelics as well as of stimulants, and helps its users feel a sense of euphoria and connection they might not feel otherwise due to various stressors in their lives. Because executives lead such demanding lives, it’s understandable that these kind of substances could be a problem—but how can it be treated? Luckily, Capo by the Sea has an executive ecstasy treatment program specifically catered to those needs.

Capo by the Sea offers a variety of tested, evidence-based treatment modalities to help address the disease of addiction in it’s residents. Our treatment schedule begins with a medically assisted and supervised detox for optimized for comfort and safety. After that, treatment includes one-on-one and group therapy sessions, cognitive behavior therapy to fix problematic thought processes, as well as local AA meetings as a support group for overcoming addiction. Because ecstasy is an empathogen, its use may be present to cover up a deeper psychological issue that has gone untreated for some time. Luckily, Capo by the Sea is also a dual-diagnosis with a staff ready to deal with those challenges.Aside from treatment, a stay at Capo means having a room in a serene beach house in beautiful San Juan Capistrano. While not in active treatment, residents are free to take in the various sights and sounds that Orange County has to offer, including but not limited to fishing, golfing, and whale-watching.

While many issues with drug use may begin as recreational and progress into addiction diseases only after some time, any kind of addiction can be fatal if treatment isn’t sought. Facing the problem is half the battle; luckily, here at Capo by the Sea, we have tools to fight the other half.