Addiction is a disease. Though this is a fact well-acknowledged by the science fueling the recovery community, it has yet to fully catch on with the general public. Often people will wrongly assume that addiction is a result of bad parenting, moral weakness, or a lack of mental strength—even addicts themselves. This is because addiction is often thought of as an isolated problem, even when it’s being treated in certain rehab facilities. Luckily, at Capo by the Sea that isn’t the case. Here at Capo we offer an executive dual diagnosis treatment program that emphasizes finding the deeper issues causing addiction, and treating them once and for all.

Treatment begins here with a detox process that is medically assisted and supervised to ensure our clients’ comfort and safety. After getting clean, clients are put through an intensive treatment program that includes one-on-one and group therapy sessions, cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as local AA meetings. Where we differ from many centers is in our intimate approach and individualization; we understand not everyone’s addiction can be treated the same way, and keep our numbers low to ensure an intimate recovery process. Because we stress healing mind, body, and spirit, residents are also encouraged to take in all the sober fun that San Juan Capistrano has to offer when they’re not in active therapy. Recreation includes golfing, fishing, trips to the beach, and even boat trips in Dana Harbor where residents can go whale-watching.

Executives lead different lives with different stresses than other addicts might not face. The important thing to know is that despite differences in finances or social standing, addiction is a disease that can affect anyone, even if it needs to be treated on a case-by-case basis. Here at Capo by the Sea, we offer a recovery program with executives specifically in mind.