Capo by the Sea offers an executive drug treatment program carefully tailored to the needs of high-level professionals leading busy lives, though also suffering from the disease of addiction. Deciding to tackle addiction problems is a very hard decision, and once faced comes with the additional problem of choosing from a multitude of rehab centers offering different things. What sets Capo by the Sea apart is it’s ability to provide personal, individualized and discreet aid to those struggling to keep their lives afloat due to a drug addiction.

For individuals used to being successful in their endeavors, addiction can seem like a kind of personal failure, or something to be denied and harbored as a secret. While these approaches are understandable, they are harmful and untrue. Addiction can affect anyone from any social standing, no matter how little or how much success they’ve had. This is because addiction is not a mental or a moral failing, it is a disease of the body and mind. And without treatment, it can be deadly.

Fortunately, Capo by the Sea offers a number of treatment options to help executives recover from the clutches of this disease. Some of our treatment modalities include group and one-on-one therapy sessions, dialectical behavior therapy, and local AA meetings. Aside from treatment, Capo is also located in beautiful San Juan Capistrano, not far from some of the best beaches Southern California has to offer. Residents are free to golf, swim, and fish—Capo also has a boat in Dana Point harbor that staff can take out with residents to go whale-watching.

The decision to get treatment is likely one of the most important decisions in an addict’s life. Once made, it’s important to be sure that the treatment you receive will put you on the right track. With it’s carefully designed executive drug treatment program, Capo can do just that.