An executive’s busy life demands flexibility. Unfortunately, addiction is a disease that often doesn’t allow for flexibility, especially in the current rehab market. Many centers require a minimum 30 day stay, some as long as 90, and for some professionals suffering from the disease of addiction, they want to get clean but can’t spare the extended time commitment. Capo by the Sea understands this conflict, and has created an executive detox program with these individuals in mind. Everyone who wants to get better deserves a chance to on their own terms, and here at Capo we provide that opportunity.

It is always a difficult process for anyone to admit that they have a problem with drugs and alcohol, though it can be especially hard for high-achieving individuals who may be very successful in other parts of their lives. On top of that, the prospect of detoxing from drugs is intimidating for physical withdrawals and other personal safety risks. Those who have already recognized that they need help shouldn’t have any other obstacles in the way. Here at Capo by the Sea, our executive detox program means a medically supervised and assisted detox for maximum comfort and safety that will have executives back to themselves and able to go back to work.

Our program is discreet and our staff is professional. Executives staying at Capo will be treated to beautiful oceanic views and salt-water breeze through the windows of our San Juan Capistrano beach house. Private rooms are available for detox, as well as an executive suite on our top floor. The bottom line is that Capo offers an executive detox program that is uniquely suited to the needs of busy individuals, all in sunny Orange County, California. Recovery from addiction can be a stressful and difficult process, but at Capo, detoxing from drugs doesn’t have to be.