Executive businessmen and women can easily understand the importance of a goal-oriented mindset. Unfortunately, addiction is a disease that affects the mind and can pull us off course in many aspects of our lives, with willpower or mental strength having little do with it. Fortunately, at Capo by the Sea, we offer an executive cognitive based therapy program that help bring us back to center. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help to fix broken thought loops through sessions that help us identify core issues, develop strategies to correct them, and put them in action.

Making the decision to seek recovery for addiction is a big step. Once it’s been made, it can be difficult to be sure which program is the right one since the market for recovery centers has grown so much in recent years. While treatment centers have too many residents, not enough staff, and a standardized approach to all of it’s residents. Capo by the Sea, on the other hand, is uniquely fitted to serve the needs of executives by offering the flexibility and the privacy that many other programs aren’t equipped to. We have room for only eight residents at a time, and plenty of staff to make sure you get the attention and help you need to recover.

Capo by the Sea offers serious treatment in a peaceful, secluded location in San Juan Capistrano, close to the beach. While not in therapy, residents are free to soak up the sun and take part in all the activities the area has to offer. Finally, Capo is a dual-diagnosis program, and can help dig deeper to discover what’s causing addiction with our cognitive based approach. All in all, we offer discreet, evidence-based treatment modalities that give our clientele the tools they need to face the many stresses of their lives again.