Although addiction can affect anyone, certain substances become bigger problems for certain demographics. For high-powered executives leading demanding lives, exhaustion can be an issue that leads them to use and abuse stimulants. Cocaine is a commonly abused stimulant for executives, often because it can be seen as a sign of class status or simply because it helps individuals work longer hours. Unfortunately, cocaine has terrible effects on the human body and brain, just as addiction wears down the human spirit. Fortunately, Capo by the Sea offers an executive cocaine treatment plan that can help get individuals back on track and in control of their lives once again.

For executive individuals, it can be hard to accept that addiction could happen to them. It can also be hard to admit when a recreational drug habit has become a life-altering addiction—those that are willing to face their issues have already made a huge step, and want to be sure the treatment they receive will be of the highest quality. What sets Capo apart is that it is a program designed specifically with the needs of the executive in mind. We offer an array of evidence-based treatment modalities, a dual-diagnosis approach to address core issues, and a medically assisted and supervised detox to ensure our residents can get clean. Our aim is to give our clients the tools they need to fight addiction in their daily lives.

Capo has offers a compassionate program, professional staff, and a beautiful facility in San Juan Capistrano where executives can escape the stresses of daily life and return to center. When not in active therapy sessions, they can also take in the sun and surf of beautiful Orange County, and maybe even take the boat out in Dana Point harbor. Although getting sober can be intimidating, at Capo we provide the care and support clients need to make that dream a reality.