Capo by the Sea offers an executive alcohol treatment program that has been carefully designed for high-level professionals leading busy and demanding lives who also suffer from the disease of alcoholism. While there are many treatment programs that offer help for alcoholism and addiction, Capo by the Sea is unique in its ability to provide personal and discreet aid for those living high-powered lives.

For exceptional individuals, it can be hard to accept that alcoholism can happen to anyone, including themselves. Because Capo’s program places individuals with other executives like them, it will become clear through treatment that addiction is a disease that can affect anyone, regardless of how successful one is in other parts of life.

Our alcohol treatment program focuses on healing our guests in mind, body and spirit. Treatment begins with a medical detox to ensure the safety and comfort of our residents, all done in a relaxing and peaceful home setting a short distance away from the beautiful beaches of Dana Point, California. After getting clean, our guests will go through a focused and compassionate program with group and one-on-one therapy sessions, dialectical behavior therapy, and local AA meetings. Aside from treatment, Capo also offers plenty of recreation for residents including opportunities to golf, fish, and much more.

Making the decision to get in treatment is a big step for anyone, and is especially difficult for those whose lives are already demanding and high-stress. At Capo by the Sea, we provide a safe environment where executives can relax and recenter while focusing on recovering from alcohol abuse. Alcoholism is a disease that can be deadly, and all of the people that come through Capo’s doors are exceptional. You and your family deserve better, and we hope that we can help guide you to a better life.